Feature your business on Dublin whereCARDS


Dublin whereCARDS will win you business

whereCARDS are pocket-sized cards and they are an easy, powerful and cost-effective way to promote your message to visitors to Dublin and the surrounding area – delivering you extra business.                                  

There are millions of visitors to Dublin each year, domestic holidaymakers and overseas visitors. Dublin is a year-round destination. 2 in every 3 overseas visitors to Ireland, visit Dublin. Reaching visitors with your message presents you with an enormous opportunity to win more business. 

whereCARDS puts your message in front of visitors and can influence them to do business with you – to visit your attraction; take in your tour; shop in your store; enjoy your entertainment; experience an activity, festival or event; be transported by you or explore your part of Dublin City or beyond.  


Dublin whereCARDS - easy see, choose, use and share

whereCARDS are well-produced high-quality cards displayed on whereCARDS stands in highly visible locations around Dublin and the surrounding area. They are approx. 150mm x 80mm and present visitors to Dublin with information on the best things to see, do and enjoy (and how to get there. They are easy to read and to carry in a pocket, purse or bag for quick reference and to act upon and to share. The card is neat and to a consistent style format which presents the visitor with all they need to know in order to make the decision to experience your product or service. 

whereCARDS distribution and reach

whereCARDS feature on a large network of branded visitor display stands in high-profile visitor-friendly locations throughout Dublin and surrounding counties.  The zone map below gives you a sense of the reach. Dublin City and County is the distribution 'epicentre' (the orange and blue zones), with selective distribution in surrounding counties.


Who are whereCARDS best suited to?

whereCARDS are suited to any tourism-related businesses that want to put their message in front of visitors to Dublin. 

Why you should participate in the Dublin whereCARDS network
(even if you already have a brochure in distribution)  

whereCARDS are not necessarily designed to replace your brochures unless you want them to. They will widen your coverage and greatly increase the opportunity to be seen and to benefit from the exposure.

whereCARD advantages:

QUALITY: The cards are high-quality, highly visible and located in places visitors to Dublin frequent. No matter what promotions you are currently undertaking, whereCARDS will extend your reach and win you more business, cost-effectively.

ECONOMICAL: They cost far less to produce than standard brochures and because they are printed seasonally and at the same time, you benefit from the economies of scale.

EASY SHARE & STRONGLY INFLUENCE: The pocket-sized cards are easy to share. A card shared is a means of endorsement - which will strongly influence current and future visitor decisions. The sharing and recommendation might be between family and friends or between a concierge and a guest.    

HASSLE FREE: whereCARDS take away all the hassle of managing design through to print – we do it all for you, saving you time. We design, print, stock, distribute and merchandise your card and report on stock levels.

BONUS EXPOSURE: A QR code on your card links the visitor directly to your website where they can find out more information and book a visit.

MERCHANDISED: The cards are merchandised, replenished and topped up, as required. The stands are also designed so cards can’t lose visibility or become hidden. Your card is always in full view.

DUBLIN MAPS: One of the perks of being a whereCARD client is that your business is marked on whereDublin visitor maps (where appropriate) free of charge.

DUBLIN AIRPORT DISPLAY: Avail of a discounted display rate for your own brochures in T1 & T2 of Dublin Aiport.

IMPACT: The cards are designed for maximum impact. They are easy to see on specially designed strands and, because the design is to a consistent style template, the visitor can quickly get the information they need to help them decide to visit you.  

PERFECT SIZE: The cards are big enough to feature comprehensive information, but neat enough to easily carry in a pocket, purse or bag – as a reference and to be acted upon.

SAVE ON BROCHURE COSTS: whereCARDS are NOT intended to replace your brochures unless you want them to, but they can allow you to adjust your print mix - perhaps more cards, fewer brochures.


Your Questions, Answered

What does it cost, how many cards are printed, where are they distributed and during what timescale?

whereCARDS cost a fraction of what it would cost to print and distribute a comparable number of brochures. They are therefore affordable to more tourism-related businesses. Typically, 30,000 cards will suffice for most businesses each year. We would be happy to advise you on the options and the associated costs. 

What’s included in the whereCARDS deal?

Everything! whereCARDS is an end-to-end package from your message ‘vision to visitor’.

  • We design your whereCARD to your requirements, within our ‘easy-see’ high-impact design template.
  • We print your cards on the annual print runs so cost-effective.
  • We store, distribute and display your cards throughout our network on our branded stands in high-profile locations.
  • We merchandise and monitor all displays, including replenishment and top-ups as required.
  • You have the added free perk of featuring on whereDublin.com


Can we design and print our own cards?

We undertake the design and printing of all cards to ensure the cards are of the highest quality anFeature free on whereTraveler.comd present consistently and perfectly on the stands. However, you can provide us with all the details and images and you can also choose a dominant colour for your card from a range of colours we provide.

All the cards we produce are twin-sided. If you wish to have a 4, 6, or 8-page fold-out card produced and distributed we can discuss this option with you.

Can we buy more than one slot?

Yes. Most businesses will buy a single slot, but double slots increase the opportunity to be seen and be selected. Some businesses may also want to book two slots for cards focussing on different aspects of their business. We do offer a discount for any business buying two or more slots for the same season.