Great Reasons to Display Dublin whereCARDS


Your Guests will love whereCARDS
... they guide them to great experiences...

Guests love Dublin whereCARDS. They are informative, free, pocket-sized cards that guide visitors to the best of Dublin – what to see, do and enjoy during their stay. The cards are consistent in their design which makes it easy for visitors to see and select them from the whereCARDS display stands.

The convenient size of the whereCARDS also makes it easy for your guests to carry the cards in their pocket, purse or bag – for reference as they enjoy great days and nights out in Dublin.

They’ll love you too for displaying them!


An amazing range of Dublin attractions and experiences feature on whereCARDS

Because whereCARDS are more cost efficient to produce and distribute, they allow a greater selection of tourism attractions and experiences to be displayed – like free and pay-in top attractions, tour options, shopping, entertainments, nightlife, festivals, events and more.

It means the stands neatly display the greatest range of Dublin attractions and experiences… ever!

AND, each season a FRESH new supply of cards are produced, featuring attractions and experiences appropriate to the season.

Although compact, each card carries lots of useful information including the name of the business, its address, a mini-location map, its GPS coordinates, a description, an offer, a good-sized photo, its opening dates and times, website and contact details.


Great reasons to display Dublin whereCARDS

  • Happy guests return and recommend you. The more your guests enjoy Dublin the more likely it is that they will extend their stay, return again or recommend Dublin and your accommodation or attraction to their friends and family. whereCARDS guides your guests to great Dublin attractions and experiences.
  • whereCARDS showcase the widest choice of experiences to your guests: Standard brochure displays are often limited in the range of attractions they feature, because printing and distributing large brochures is expensive. whereCARDS are more affordable and allow a superior selection of Dublin experiences to be highlighted to your guests.
  • whereCARDS are fresh, topical and timely: whereCARDS are produced seasonally, so their content is always fresh and appropriate to the season. The stands will also feature special seasonal cards to highlight Dublin ‘happenings’ throughout the year.
  • The cards present offers and extras to your guests: whereCARDS often offer your guests extras – from discounted admissions to shopping discounts, free gifts and extras or the opportunity to win prizes.
  • Neat and maintenance-free stands: Standard brochure racks need to accommodate larger print brochures of varying sizes and designs and can often appear untidy. In contrast, whereCARDS are more space efficient and neater… and the cards can’t fall over or block the view of other cards.
  • Stands are managed and merchandised: whereCARDS displays are monitored and managed by our team of merchandisers to ensure they are always well stocked.

Displaying the Dublin whereCARDs - your options...

There are three whereCARDS display options available to you - with stands accommodating 48 or 96 pocket-size cards. We recommend that, where possible, you opt for the 96 card displays. This enables you to highlight the widest choice of Dublin experiences to your guests.

  • The revolving floor-standing carousel display: This floor-standing carousel is sturdy and space efficient. It can accommodate 96 whereCARDS. The cards hang neatly and the display gives 100% visibility of all cards.
  • Wall-mounted display: The wall-mounted display comes in two sizes and can display 48 or 96 whereCARDS. The cards hang neatly and the stand gives 100% visibility of the all cards.
  • Counter top display: This small compact unit is designed for countertops. It displays 48 visitor cards and two stands can be requested to display 96 cards. This unit has tiers and compartments, to ensure the cards always present neatly. The unit gives visibility of the card title and part of card’s photo image.


Some quesions, answered:

We are interested, what’s the next step and the timelines?: Once you contact us we will go through the options and your preferences. Typically you can be provided with your whereCARDS display within 7 working days.

Can we trial a display stand?: Yes. We are so confident in whereCARDS, and your guests' response to them, that you can trial one for an agreed period of time. Once you accept a display you can also return it at any time (although we don’t think you will ever want to).

Do we get a say on what is featured on our whereCARDS display?: We don’t feature accommodation on our stands, so you have no need to be concerned about competitors featuring. If you have a concern in relation to any card, we can exclude it, having first discussed it with you to understand the issue.

Are there any conditions?: There are no onerous conditions. We do require that stands are placed in good locations to ensure guests can easily see, browse and select the cards. The stand can only be used to display whereCARDS and remains the property of whereCARDS.


Do I get anything in return for displaying whereCARDS?

In addition to all of the clear advantages which your hotel and your guests will enjoy, you also automatically become a member of the where® Ireland Partnership Programme. This confers you with a range of benefits, including:

  • Free profiling: You get profiled FREE on whereDUBLIN.COM
  • Free map supply: You will receive a generous FREE supply of whereCARDS Dublin Maps for issue to your guests through your concierge or reception. You will typically get a ‘starter supply’ of maps and if additional maps are required we will endeavour to provide them.
  • Free guest privileges: The whereCARDS often feature offers and discounts - which you can pass on to your guests and to conference delegates.
  • Updates and extras: As a member of the where® Ireland Partnership Programme we will keep your designated staff up-to-date on new Dublin products and services and can brief your staff on the whereCARDS and any new where® initiatives– including free and discounted admissions to Top Attractions.